Communications/Public Information Office

The Public Information Officer plays a crucial role in providing valuable services to both the media and the residents of the City of Lebanon. With the aim of keeping the community well-informed, this office ensures that the latest news, events, and announcements from the city are effectively communicated to the public.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Public Information Office is to coordinate and disseminate content through various channels, such as newsletters, social media platforms, message boards, and the official city website. By utilizing these diverse communication avenues, the office strives to reach a wide range of individuals and provide them with up-to-date information about the city.

Moreover, the Public Information Office actively encourages public participation and civic engagement. By empowering residents to actively contribute to their local government, the office fosters a sense of community involvement. Through various initiatives and programs, the office helps residents understand how they can play a significant role in shaping the future of their city.

To achieve effective communication, the Public Information Office collaborates closely with the City Administrator's Office on strategic communications efforts throughout the year. By aligning their efforts, both offices work together to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive approach to public information dissemination. Additionally, the Public Information Office supports internal city communications, aiding in the efficient flow of information within the municipal organization.

In order to establish a strong connection between the media and the city, the Public Information Officer serves as a media liaison. This involves crafting well-written press releases, hosting informative press conferences, responding promptly to inquiries from reporters, arranging interviews with city officials, and providing necessary background information. 

Overall, the Public Information Office is committed to facilitating transparent and effective communication between the City of Lebanon and its residents, media outlets, and other stakeholders.

Public Information During an Emergency

During times of emergency, maintaining effective communication between the City of Lebanon and its residents is of utmost importance. In order to ensure prompt dissemination of crucial information, the City of Lebanon employs a diverse range of communication channels based on the severity and duration of the event. The following avenues are readily accessible to the public for receiving vital updates and information:


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How Do We Communicate

Staying informed and involved in our community has never been easier. As part of our commitment to keeping you up-to-date with the latest news and events in Lebanon, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all the ways you can connect with us. From social media platforms to newsletters, and everything in between, this handy PDF guide includes direct links to each of our communication channels. Whether you prefer digital updates, print media, or face-to-face interactions, you'll find all the resources you need to stay engaged with what's happening in our city. Download our 'Stay Informed, Stay Involved' guide now and discover the many ways to keep in touch with your community! Download our handy How We Communicate PDF today!