Smoke Detector FAQs

Where should I place smoke detectors in my home?

  • Since the detector is designed to wake people from sleep and warn them of danger, place a detector in each sleeping area. City of Lebanon Fire Department recommends a detector be placed in every room of the home for additional protection.
  • Do not place detectors within six inches of where ceilings and walls meet, or near HVAC vents. These areas may not allow the detectors to work properly.

How often should a smoke detector be replaced?

  • It is recommended that you replace your smoke detectors every five years.

How do I clean my smoke detector?

  • It is recommended to use an air duster (like the kind you would use to clean your computer) or a vacuum to remove dust particles from your detector. The use of other cleaning products can cause your detector to not work properly.

How do I test my smoke detector?

  • Depress the test button on the front of your detector and the alarm should sound. You should test your detector monthly. If the alarm does not sound check the battery.

How often should I replace my smoke detector battery?

  • It is recommended you change batteries twice a year. Daylight savings time is good to use as a reminder-‘Change your clocks, change your batteries’.
  • If your detector emits a low power warning (usually short beeps) the battery needs replaced.

What type of smoke detector is recommended?

  • The City of Lebanon Fire Department recommends using a dual sensor photo/ion type detector. The dual sensor technology can detect both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires.

Where can I get a photo/ion style smoke detector?

  • Smoke detectors can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store as well as many leading department stores. If you are a citizen of the City of Lebanon you may also obtain one free detector by calling the City of Lebanon Fire Department Station 1 at 417-532-2104, or by e-mail