Guidelines to Obtain a Building Permit

Initial Instructions

  • Site plans that pertain to the construction of new improvements or an addition to an existing improvement shall be submitted to the City for review and approval before issuance of a building permit. There are several steps that must occur before a site plan is approved.
  • Site plans must be complete and contain all items required.
  • Before a building permit is issued, a “Memorandum of Understanding” is required reciting that the owner understands that the building permit is granted on the express condition that the construction shall conform to the ordinances of the City in all respects, including compliance with the site plan prepared by the engineer or surveyor, and that the owner understands the building or construction cannot be occupied or used until such compliance is made, and that no occupancy permit will be issued until compliance is made.
  • Before a building permit is issued, the owner must certify to city on the Memo of Understanding who will be inspecting the job.
  • Any changes to the original site plan and building plans must be approved by the engineer/architect and/or surveyor who designed the site plan or building plans and the City.
  • It shall be a violation to occupy the building or use the site until all construction is complete and an occupancy permit is issued.
  • If a sign is to be erected and/or maintained on property where improvements are to be constructed, altered, repaired, or removed, the application for sign permit shall accompany the application for building permit. The location of any proposed sign or existing sign or signs shall be shown on the required site plan.


Requirements for obtaining a building permit with the City of Lebanon.

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City of Lebanon Codes and Ordinances

City of Lebanon Codes and Ordinances.

The City of Lebanon has implemented an Access Management Ordinance, which took effect Nov. 1, 2007. A copy of the Ordinance can be obtained by contacting Joe Berkich at (417) 991-3911 or at City Hall, 401 S. Jefferson.