Why does the fire department drive their large fire apparatus everywhere?

The Lebanon Fire Department is a dynamic and essential service, always on the move to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. Our dedicated personnel are behind the wheels of our apparatus at all times, ready to respond to a diverse array of emergencies. This constant state of readiness is crucial given the unpredictable and often urgent nature of our work.

Our team is trained and equipped to handle a wide spectrum of incidents – from motor vehicle accidents to medical emergencies, from vehicle fires to large-scale structure fires, and from complex extrications to technical rescues and hazardous material releases. Each of these scenarios demands a unique approach, specialized equipment, and swift action.

Emergencies don’t follow a schedule; they can arise at any moment, often with little to no warning. In many cases, our team finds themselves moving directly from one critical situation to another. This back-to-back, continuous operation is a testament to their commitment and resilience. In a single year, our department responds to hundreds of such simultaneous and consecutive calls, showcasing our unwavering dedication to the community.

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3. Why does the fire department drive their large fire apparatus everywhere?