Why does the fire department respond to emergency medical calls?
The fire department responds to emergency medical calls to reduce response time in an effort to get medical personnel on the scene as quickly as possible. Many times the fire department arrives on scene prior to the ambulance.

The fire department currently has a number of Paramedics assigned to fire apparatus and once we arrive on scene can provide the same level of medical treatment as the ambulance. In addition many medical emergencies require additional personnel.

In critical situations timely treatment of patients is paramount. With additional personnel on scene treatment can be performed at a quicker pace and advanced treatments such as IV’s, intubations, and medication administration can be performed simultaneously. Also many patients must be moved from difficult locations such as upper floors or down narrow hallways. It is important to note that additional personnel on scene can make these situations easier on the patient and emergency personnel.

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1. Why does the fire department respond to emergency medical calls?
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