Does the city treat the water to make it safe to drink?

The City of Lebanon is dedicated to providing its residents with top-quality drinking water that naturally meets State and Federal safety standards, remarkably without the need for a conventional water treatment facility.

In our commitment to maintaining the highest water quality, we add chlorine in carefully controlled, minimal amounts at each well site. This ensures the water remains clean and safe throughout the distribution system. Additionally, we enhance our community's health by adding fluoride to the water at each well site, promoting dental wellness.

Our dedication to water quality is rigorously upheld through consistent testing. The Missouri Department of Health Laboratory conducts 10 water quality tests each month on samples from Lebanon, ensuring our high standards are always met. We take great pride in our city's record of consistently meeting and exceeding safe drinking water standards, reflecting our deep commitment to the health and safety of our community. Every time you use water in Lebanon, you can be assured of its quality and purity.

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