Why is my utility bill so high in Lebanon?

Understanding why your utility bill might be higher than expected involves considering several factors:

  1. Review Rate Information:
    • For detailed information on how electric, water, and sewer rates are calculated, please refer to the following link: Lebanon Utility Rates. Here's a brief overview of the current rates:

Electric Rates (Effective July 1, 2023):

  • Residential Service Availability Charge: $14.00
  • Energy Charge (kWh): $0.0979

Water Rates (Effective July 1, 2023):

  • Residential User Fee: $6.14
  • First 7,000 Gallons: $2.21 per thousand
  • Next 93,000 Gallons: $3.65 per thousand
  • Over 100,000 Gallons: $3.65 per thousand

Sewer Rates (Effective June 19, 2019):

  • 5/8” Meter Usage Fee (July 2020): $25.21
  • First 7,000 Gallons: $2.13
  • 7,001 to 25,000 Gallons: $5.12
  • 25,001 Gallons and above: $6.74

Monitor Your Usage:

To better understand your usage patterns, visit the SENSUS portal at SENSUS Portal. This tool allows you to monitor your utility consumption in real-time, helping you identify any unusual spikes or trends in your usage.

Understanding your billing and keeping track of your usage can provide valuable insights into your utility costs. If you have further questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

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