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Jul 18

Get Prepared EXPO at the Cowan Civic Center

Posted on July 18, 2013 at 10:55 AM by Dustin Hall

The Get Prepared EXPO and Gun Show returns to the Cowan Civic Center July 19-21, 2013 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

The USAPrepares Get Prepared EXPO and Gun Show is the largest survival and preparedness EXPO in the USA, and they want to invite you to get prepared for natural and man-made events that disrupt our lives because power, shelter, water, food, sanitation, and supply problems face us all in the times after a catastrophic event. This EXPO will help you to prepare, survive, and protect your family.

The show features 100 exhibits including: solar power, wind power, freeze dried food, storm shelters, alternative medicine, emergency medicine, emergency power, water storage, water purification, survival gardening, bartering, home security, guns, ammo, knives and much more.

Plan to catch as many of the 60 seminars as you can with topics like: Survival Gardening, Think Like a Navy SEAL, Negotiating for Your Life, Emergency Dentistry, Wound Care, Violent Climate Change, Survival Economics, When There Is No Doctor, Buy Your First Farm, Radiation Detection, and over 50 more.

Don't forget you can attend the Friday and Saturday banquet dinner with your favorite seminar leaders and exhibitors – Freeze Dry Guy Chicken and Beef Survival Entrees with Astronaut Ice Cream – $7 - attendance limited to 240.

For information: • 417-462-1105