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Aug 24

Alpacas, Alpacas, Alpacas….OH MY!

Posted on August 24, 2012 at 12:00 PM by Dustin Hall

We wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our local attractions. Today we will share Becky's, from Adventures Among Us, experience at Whirlwind Ranch. By the way, Becky and her kids give the alpacas two thumbs up.

Alpacas, Alpacas, Alpacas….OH MY!
I have traipsed my family to organic farms, horse ranches, zoos, exotic ranches, but when someone said Alpaca Ranch, all I could say was WHERE.

It was a rare opportunity for us to get this up close and personal with such an unique animal…Alpacas part of the camel family are much different than I ever imagined. They are almost shy creatures or as Liz, the owner of Whirlwind Ranch explained they are similar to house cats. I laughed when she compared them to cats, but soon realized she was right. Alpacas are skittish, but very intelligent…and they either love you, or just love to gaze at you from a distance. The most amazing thing about Alpacas are their listening skills; one word and the Alpacas knew just where they were suppose to be and came running....hey Liz can you teach my kids this skill?

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