Sidewalk Improvement Grant Project

City construction crews have begun a MoDOT approved and federally funded grant project to improve the infrastructure and connect all public buildings and schools with sidewalks. This will ensure a safe and easily accessible system of sidewalks for pedestrian traffic. This is a multi-phase project with the first phase expected to be complete by the end of August, weather permitting. All citizens that have property adjacent to a City right-of-way where a sidewalk will be constructed will be contacted by a representative from the City to discuss the project and answer any questions they may have concerning how this project will affect them.

Lebanon residents can expect to see excavation crews moving down right-of-ways excavating for sidewalk. Following the excavation crews will be the concrete crews forming and pouring to make the sidewalks. Finally a cleanup crew will be coming through all the completed areas doing dirtwork and laying down grass seed and mulch.

Since this is a project that is going to occur over the winter months there will be times weather does not permit crews to complete certain aspects of this project. Those crews will be diverted to the MoDOT administered federally granted ADA Curb Ramp Rehabilitation project. This project will replace existing curb ramps in the downtown area with ADA accessible ramps. In total there are 96 curb ramps that will be installed.

For more information on this project you can email Public Works

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