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The City of Lebanon Fire Department operates as a dedicated career department, unwavering in its commitment to ensuring the utmost level of public safety for our community, visitors, and neighboring areas. Our department's primary mission is to safeguard lives and property through a comprehensive range of emergency services.

Our highly trained personnel engage in fire suppression activities, swiftly responding to and extinguishing fires to minimize potential damage and protect lives. Additionally, we provide essential emergency medical care to those in need, employing our expertise to offer prompt assistance during critical situations. Our department is well-equipped to handle technical rescue scenarios, ensuring the safe extraction of individuals involved in accidents or trapped in hazardous environments.

Mitigating hazardous materials incidents is another crucial aspect of our operations, wherein we employ specialized techniques to neutralize and control hazardous substances, minimizing the potential risks they pose to the community. Disaster management is a significant focus as well, enabling us to effectively respond to natural or man-made disasters, coordinating resources, and providing aid to those affected.

In our continuous efforts to prevent fires and promote public safety, the department places significant emphasis on fire prevention and public education initiatives. Through educational programs, safety inspections, and community outreach, we strive to increase awareness, empower individuals with life-saving knowledge, and minimize fire-related risks.

The City of Lebanon Fire Department encompasses an extensive coverage area, spanning all 14 square miles of the city. Our commitment extends beyond city limits, as we actively engage in automatic aid and mutual aid agreements with surrounding counties, ensuring a collaborative and effective response to emergencies throughout the region.

With a steadfast dedication to our mission and the well-being of our community, the City of Lebanon Fire Department stands prepared to address emergencies, mitigate risks, and provide unwavering support during critical moments. We are proud to serve and protect, striving to maintain the highest standards of public safety.


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