Men's Industrial League Rules

League Fee:

$375 must be paid before April 10


Game Length:

7 innings or 1 hour time whichever happens first

Run Rules:

15 after 3 innings and 10 after 5 innings

Homerun Limits:

5 homeruns, after 5 all homeruns are outs.


All teams must turn in a team roster with up to 20 players. If a team needs to pick up players for a game, they may pick up as many players as needed, however they cannot have more than 9 total players if they are using pick ups. All pickups must be approved by the other team's coach prior to game play. If a team only has 9 players then the 10th batter will NOT be an out.

Any roster changes must be made before 12:00 the day of the game for them to be allowed to take affect for that nights games. Once a player is dropped from a roster he can't be added back to your roster or to another team’s roster.


All softballs must be purchased from the Parks Department and will be .40 optic yellow USSSA classic M made by Decker Sports. The cost of balls will be $6 per ball and will be available for purchase from the park office or from score keepers on game days.


All bats must have the new permanent USSSA mark on its taper.


Each team will receive 1 warning for cursing, after the team warning any player heard cursing will be ejected for the game.


For the pitcher to qualify for the following protection he must remain in contact with the pitching box or be retreating directly backward toward second from his original pitching position.

Any sharply batted ball that hits the pitchers body with or without being deflected by his glove will result in the batter being called out immediately, and if any bases are occupied the runner closest to the plate will also be called out.

In addition that spot in the order will become an offensive ejection for the remainder of the game. Any player being ejected for a second time during the summer for hitting a pitcher during the season will serve a two game suspension. A third ejection will result in a one year suspension from all leagues.

All players being ejected will be turned into the Park Director who will closely monitor all ejections and he will make sure the penalties are enforced equally and fully. A list of players in violation of this rule will be posted at the ball park, and the list will be kept up to date.